How it Works


A “tiny” Earring with “strong” effects!

Acupressure stimulation is a traditional Chinese technique on the same ideas as acupuncture. Clip & Slim is Simple; yet most effective method ever devised to treat major Ear points without resorting to needle acupuncture or ear stapling.

It was Dr. Paul Nogier in 1950 who accurately mapped the location on the ear, which suppresses appetite. Still, it was not Until Swiss Dr. Emil Schaerer invented the Clip & Slim A painless, safe and most effective appetite suppressor.

How does the Clip & Slim work?

Designed to look like a fashionable earring with a forcible Adjusted Bio-magnet stimulating the “craving point” (as shown on diagram) suppressing the appetite by sending a message of Fullness to the brain. It’s recommended wearing the clip for a Minimum of 6 hours daily, especially 2 hours before mealtime. However, it also can be worn during the entire day (not while sleeping).

Clip & Slim was introduced in Europe, hundreds of thousands of clips have been sold. Literally thousands of letters attesting to the effectiveness have been received. Clip & Slim is the only product of its nature in the entire world.

  1. Eat all you want – you’ll just want less.
  2. 100% natural without side effects.
  3. Say Goodbye to unwanted pounds…
  4. Over the past decade, acupressure and acupuncture has gained widespread Acceptance in the united states for the treatment of a variety of conditions. In fact, as reported on the CBS Television Show “60 Minutes”, acupuncture is being used in government funded programs for the treatment of drug addiction.

Acupressure, used in controlling appetite, works on precisely the same principle. Centuries ago, the Chinese Determined that acupressure points are located in concentrated areas on the ear. However, it was only in this Century that the work of Dr. Emil Schaerer of Switzerland lead to the breakthrough device which hamsters the Power of acupressure to suppress the appetite easily safely, and inexpensively. After years of testing and Refinement in Switzerland, Clip & Slim is now available World Wide.

Eat ALL you Want, You’ll just want LESS

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