Improper Diet                                                                              

Improper Diet & Obesity

Modern Life has developed a major Health Hazard for society – Improper Diet!!!
It is a proven statistical fact – We in modern society on average and in general Eat Too Much.                                                                                           


Nowadays, improper diet is directly related to the junk food and fast foods, which is more in vogue besides the palate tickling taste for the generation today.
It is so because it contains more fat, sugar and salt than nutrients like minerals and vitamins required for proper functioning of body.
This kind of unbalanced diet has short-term and long-term ailing effects on the body.
How Improper Unbalanced Diet effect the Body:


Our body requires certain exact quantities of minerals and vitamins for its proper functioning. Almost all the vitamins and minerals are generated and absorbed in the body by oxidation of the food we eat. But for this process at least our food should contain the required nutrients.
Apart from for vitamins D and vitamins K, the others cannot be synthesized by the body. They are provided to the body through the food that we devour.
A balanced diet that includes a variety of food items ensures a good supply of all the essential vitamins in our body. On the other hand when the diet lacks the vitamins required by our body, the diet is called improper and then needs to be compensated with vitamin supplements available, prescribed by a doctor.
But these supplements cannot compare a balanced diet. It is best to avail all vitamins from dietary sources itself.
Improper diet also leads to bowel problems. We can have good health only when the bowel is clean and functioning fine.
Due to improper diet when the intestine is congested with stagnant wastes our whole body system is polluted. This is called auto-intoxication which means “self-poisoning” mainly due to improper diet. All the body organs are affected by this auto-intoxication.

Obesity is a daring evil resulting from the improper diet.

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